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The Super Bowl is an American holiday bigger than Flag Day and, in beer cans and hot wings consumed, rivals any Independence Day celebration.  You’d be hard pressed to find an art gallery open on this holy day, let alone people in them, but just like the corner store that hasn’t sold out of ice and bean dip for the big game – they are out there.

This one in particular, on the UC Berkeley campus featured photographer Ari Marcopoulos, entitled Within Arm’s Reach.  Kick starting his career assisting Andy Warhol, Marcopoulos has a keen eye for what’s hip, focusing his lens on snowboarders, musicians and anything that youth has fixed itself upon.  

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Within Arm’s Reach is generating plenty of buzz within the hypebeast community (see Huf SF and others).  It goes without saying that his work has seen much commercial success with companies like Burton, Capitol Records, Prada Sport and Hugo Boss.

So back to my Super Bowl Sunday excursion; I’ve been looking forward to this show even before the Saints had a chance but because of a tight schedule, peppered with the lingering feeling of procrastination that comes with a long winter break, I had to pay a visit on closing day. 

Luckily, Helium Radar, out of the shotgun formation and with the final seconds ticking away – throws up the hail mary pass for the end zone completion (for the football-challenged, that means I got my butt out of bed early Sunday morning and over to Berkeley before they slammed the doors in my face and took down the gallery).

Just like the ice and bean dip, this is who I ran into at Within Arm’s Reach.

Meet Carmela, there’s something easygoing about her outfit that shows she doesn’t mind you taking her picture while she lounges on the Chuck E. Cheese furniture.  The abstract floral print is just what you need when Spring peeks in through the rain clouds(and has been spotted up and down runways, of late).

Jenna, giving her friend Carmela some company, keeps a Sunday afternoon vibe about her with yoga pants and a print hoody.  Her understated look plays up the details in her clutch, which I was instantly attracted to.  These ladies were definitely thinking springtime when they stepped outside.

Here’s Sergio.  I ran into him in the DVD section at Rasputin;  not exactly at the gallery but in Berkeley nonetheless.  I’m digging the sunglasses and leather jacket combo, hey – it worked for James Dean.  He puts his own twist on the classic combination with an updated cut on the jacket and trendy frames.  Well done, Serg!

To send you guys off, I’ll leave you with the pics I was able to snap before the beefy security guard told me to cease and desist.

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