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As winter is just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start pulling your styles and sense together. Here are some fun essentials to consider for this chilly season:

Tolani Lakshmi Scarves ($95), Lucky Brand Plaid Pucker Scarves ($39) ,Juicy Couture Couture Stripe Scarves with Tassles

Scarves, Hats & Gloves

Winter accessories such as scarves, hat and gloves are a fun way to infuse practicality with fashion. Why sacrifice warmth? Instead, dress up in fun winter amenities. Play on fedora hats, beanies, or ear bands–they can be both fashionable and functional.


Kimchi Blue Ruffle Peacoat (Urban Outfitters $138)

If you are throwing all of your money into one statement piece for this upcoming season, do so in a cute winter coat. A peacoat is a great choice because it serves a dual purpose:

1) it will go with a ton of outfits, shoes and accessories and

2) you can turn drab into appealing at any moments’ time.

Invest in something that will invest in you.

Mudd Midcalf Boots, $39, Kohl's

Cute practical boots

So while the suede boots that you have lying in your closet are REALLY cute, you have to admit they are not all too practical for the rainy season. Think of what you want to be trekking in this season and go from there. If you will be wearing a lot of skirts, you may want to invest in knee high boots. Ankle boots are great with trousers and we all know that there is a pair of Ugg’s for any kind of personality.


Maggie's Organic Grapevine Tights, $26

Who says you can’t sport skirts or dresses when the temperature drops? Outsmart the weather with some fabulous patterns and goofy colored tights. Gone is the warm weather but not our personalities. Maggie\’s Organics carry a variety of styles including opaque, patterned and even striped!

United Colors of Benetton 2010-2011 Autumn Winter Collection


Layers have been my thing this season. Experiments have left long-sleeve shirts under short-sleeve sweaters, Cuddl duds under jeans and tights, and cardigans and vests over my layers of tighter fitted layers. However you want to play it, layers can be a fun way to express your inner ski bunny.

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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