Which Fashion Mistake are you?


Not sure which fashion mistake you are?  Take this quiz to find out.

Which Fashion Mistake are you?

1) You just found out about a party this weekend and you are psyched.  When it comes to the outfit that you are going to wear, you…

a)    Will probably wear what you were earlier that day, no big deal

b)   Mentally run down your accessories from your earrings to your belt, to your shoes, and finally your purse

c)    Are probably going to raid a shirt from your sister’s closet

d)   Will make it an excuse to go shopping, you totally could go for a new top

e)   Are just excited to find out about something so cool

2) You see a group of people who are wearing last year’s demure metal studded style fashions and gladiator shoes; your first thought is:

a) I wonder if I could got those on sale

b) Cute accessories!

c) Can I borrow those?

d) That’s so last season

e) Oh, I didn’t even notice

3) You have to leave the house in five minutes.  So far you are wearing jeans and a T-shirt.  What shoes do you grab?

a) The $1 thong sandals you scored at Old Navy’s Mega Sale this last weekend

b) It’s a toss up between your Carlos by Carlos perfectly pink pumps or Jimmy Choo Fiona T-straps; you have five minutes to decide, so there’s plenty of time

c) Your roommate’s sandals; you are so happy you wear the same size

d) Pumps or dressy sandals, whichever you find first

e) The same raggedy boots you always wear for everything

4) What would you buy in a bargain bin?

a) Uh, my whole wardrobe

b) Rings, bangles, sunglasses, things like that

c) Some leggings

d) If I happen to see something that sparks my eye, then score!

e) Funky T-shirts from the 80’s or souvenir T-shirts

5) Who is your fashion idol?

a) Brittany Spears

b) Rachel Zoe

c) Avril Lavigne

d) Lady Gaga

e) Sarah Silverman

Mostly a’s

Fashion Cheapskate

You know where every sale is and you can be able to redeem any coupon to any store at the bat of an eye.  You are a master at getting a good deal but be careful that you aren’t cheating yourself out of a good fashion opportunity.  What’s the sense in having an article of clothing that doesn’t go with anything you currently have?

Your Mission: Try to get out of your comfort zone and blacklist the sales rack when you go into the store.  Start with the new arrivals and go from there.  Still having a hard time?  Determine your lifestyle, your body type, and your fashion personality to help you get started.

Mostly b’s

Accessories Whore

Accessories are your guilty little pleasure.   You have a gazillion pairs of shoes and purses and can fill in the blank: I have a _____ for every outfit.  While most people would say when in doubt, take off, your motto is to add more accessories.

Your mission: Your obsession with accessories may be a cover-up for more serious fashion fears.  Since you might be using accessories to hide features that you are not proud of, your mission is to find items that will accentuate the features that you do have.  For example, instead of wearing a belt to draw attention away from your saddlebags find an A-line flare dress that will do the same trick but at the same time show off your sexy and sultry curves.

Mostly c’s

Goodwill Hunting

You would so much rather borrow a top than spend the energy having to deal with do the shopping for yourself.  You would call your look ‘unique’ and ‘different’ while others may say you suffer from a ‘clothing personality disorder.’   When not under the influence of what your parents, friends, or coworkers think you should wear, your inspiration comes from the movie character Juno and you consider yourself self-aware.

Your mission:

Start thinking for yourself and create a style all your own.  Which of the following words pop out at you when you think of fashion for yourself:  Urban, Eclectic, Bohemian, Dramatic?  Once you find your fashion style then you can start building your own brand.  Experiment with fashion that fits within your style realm.  Want to really shock people?  Offer to let them borrow something of yours!

Mostly d’s


You don’t need a silly quiz to tell you where you stand.  You know that you don’t always make the right decisions when it comes to fashion but you have the confidence to try new things.  You may not be picture perfect but you know what you have and how to flaunt it.

Your mission: Your mission is to spread your confidence to those who lack it.  Don’t be guilty of dictating fashion just because you are the little expert.  Let your friends know they look great when they try something out of their comfort zone.  Loan out clothes and magazines whenever possible.  Better yet, throw a makeover party.  Everyone is dying to try on something from your closet.

Mostly e’s


You have no clue what the measurements of your clothing are and your idea of fashion forward is having numerous colors of the same shirt.  It’s not that you haven’t given up hope of throwing together a fantastic outfit, it’s just that you realize that it’s safer if you didn’t try.  All of your friends are one phone call away from What Not to Wear and everyone knows that a pen is your favorite hair accessory.

Your mission:

So while fashion sense may seem like rocket science to you, ask your more fashion-savvy friends to give you some pointers or read magazines to get an idea of how colors and styles go together.  Remember you can change, but only if you want to.  Speaking of What Not to Wear, isn’t it someone’s newly-found burst of confidence that gets more rave reviews than the actual new look?

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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