When Fashion Strikes Back


It’s happened to all of us

Somehow your rendition of the latest trend has turned into a major faux pas. You checked with your fashion’s source on the do’s of hot pants, military fashions, and patterned pants and all signs were pointing to the colors grenadine, sienna, and terracotta.  So how can your testament of faith in fashion fail you?  The pointing fingers and glaring stares can be avoided by considering the following things before facing the world.


+ What to do before disaster strikes

1 Dress to the occasion

Fashion will strike back hard if you fail to dress to the occasion.  Dressing in sweats to the grocery store at 12 o’clock at night is one thing, but if your sloppiness is oozing to other occasions such as dates or invitation events, then this behavior may not be excusable .  You don’t have to give up your membership with the anti-fashion league, but you can still embrace diversity by paying attention to detail and thoughtful planning.  So for example, simple and down-to-earth styles would be appropriate for the weekend while eye-catching and form fitting fashion would be deserving of a first date.

2 Does your fashion fit your personality?

Everyone knows you as the flirty romantic type so dressing in something other than floral and feminine fringe would be shocking to say the least.  Similarly, dressing out of context may leave you feeling uncomfortable and wide open to a fashion assault.  If you are trying to update your look or reinvent yourself, do so with slow progression.  The creeping in of new pieces will give you (and the world) a chance to try your new style out.  The key is to create your own fashion personality and select styles most comfortable for you.

3 Think realistically

If you are not blessed with a size two body, then don’t wear size two clothing.  There is nothing less flattering than wearing clothes that are either too big or too small.  Learn to disguise the attributes that you don’t like and augment the ones that you do like.  For example, shiny materials will draw attention to curves while a tailored suit will emphasis your assets.  Once you accept what you have, you can focus on what you love about yourself and go from there.  Looking visually balanced, body type appropriate, and polished can prevent a fashion disaster from happening to you.

4 Know what looks good on YOU

Yes, the fashion industry dictates the new styles and designs but that does not mean they are a good fit for you.  Wearing the latest trend without being able to pull it off will only make you stick out like a sore thumb.  Keep in mind that how you wear your clothes is more important than what clothes you wear.  Fit, style, and image are all things to consider and you shouldn’t try so hard to look up-to-the-minute.  Be prepared to take an honest look in the mirror at curves and proportions to know what works and what doesn’t.

5 Don’t over-indulge

Sequins, sparkles, and metallic threads can give you the opportunity to make a fashion statement or stand out from the crowd.  Gorging yourself in excess, however, will only make you the target for scrutiny.  To avoid looking like a disco ball, wear your tinsel like a minimalist would:  Choose one glistening piece as the main attraction and tone the rest of your outfit with flat finishes.  To give you an example, a sequined tank would go great with a pair of jeans, black shoes and matte accessories.

Fashion Faux Pas

  • Under arm stains

  • Wrong color for skin tone
  • Clothes that do not fit

  • Too Many Colors or Patterns

  • Panty lines

  • Dirty clothes
  • Socks with sandals
  • Mismatching

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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