When Bad Shoes Happen to Good Designers


The Misfit can be found at net-a-porter and retails for $1,425

The highly esteemed shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, seems to be able to do no wrong. The red bottom sole of his women’s shoe line has made the designer famous. From classic black pumps to a shoe covered in silver metal spikes, he knows just how to make each shoe look elegant on every woman, while continuing to produce his own signature look. However, there are flaws in this masterpiece collection. I recently came upon a pair of Louboutin pumps that are coincidentally called “Misfit” and a pair of “Toggle” boots. The Misfit pumps are completely over-the-top and not in the good way. There is utterly too much fabric covering the shoe which creates a loud and, dare I say, obnoxious statement.

The Toggle boot can be found at Neiman Marcus and retails for $1,495

The Toggle boot is a bit simpler with it stemming up to calf length and adorned with straps and studs climbing to the top. The peep-toe is the worst part of the boot since the rest of the style seems to have such a “heavy” look to it; the boot would have been better off being closed-toed.

Review by Alexis Snyder

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