Vintage Finds of the Week


Vintage fashion (or styles that emulate vintage) can be found in all sorts of places! There are thrift stores, specialized vintage boutiques, online retailers, and the comeback styles that department stores carry. This week I set out on a mission to find the best of the best in San Jose Vintage Boutiques, and I think that I might have hit the mother load!

My first stop was at Park Place Vintage in San Jose’s Willow Glen area. Although I didn’t buy anything here, they had so much vintage clothing I was in heaven! The shop is filled with mostly “Rockabilly” type ’50s clothes and furniture (think Tiki bars and pink flamingos), but I died over the hats! It inspired me to have a blog dedicated to just hats, so that’s something to look for in the future!

Dress and Jacket from Time Zone Vintage

Then I found Time Zone Vintage on Park St, one street over from Antique Row on W. San Carlos. This was my treasure chest for the day! I bought a ’70s rainbow sweater, a ’60s inspired polka dot dress, and an ’80s wool bomber jacket that was a necessity my wardrobe was missing. I had to restrain myself on some cute cardigans and awesome purses though. This place was a gold mine!

Ski jacket from Moon Zoom

My last stop was at Moon Zoom on W. San Carlos! This place is the costume one-stop shop! If you have an era inspired party, hit this place up! But with a little hunting, I found killer everyday purple pumps and a magenta bomber ski jacket that (for some odd reason) really works on me!

I got all of these pieces for under $125 and I can’t wait to take them out on the town!!

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