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If you’d ever been to the Dickens Fair at the Cow Palace in San Francisco around this time of year, you know how enthralled and immersed one can get in the 19th century streets of Victorian London. If fathoming of the invention of the transatlantic telegraph cable or wrapping your head around the beginning of the civil war is too much for you to imagine, maybe a dance at the lively Fezziwig’s Dance Party, a portrait taken at Mrs. Piper’s Photo Parlour or a run-in with Scrooge or Oliver Twist will truly capture the essence of the Victorian period and dress portrayed at the Dickens Fair.

Fine art, alluring jewelry and Victorian clothing are just a few things found in the shops and boutiques that dote London’s Petticoat Lane, Fish Street, Nickelby Road and Fagan’s Alley.

Feast your eyes on the main attraction Dark Garden Unique Corsetry.

The Beauties of Lady Lovelace are always a main attraction and you can’t help but stop to stare at the women posing in these ready-to-wear and couture corsets.

Photo by Raymond Van Tassel / Corsetry by Dark Garden San Francisco

Or stock up on your Victorian hats, gloves and jewelry from Petrushka (Farber)

Petrusha (Farber)

Gentlemen are certainly not left out from the Victorian merriment. Let Mr. Alan Jeffries, Fine Gentlemen\’s Apparel reproduce the Victorian look all year round. Coats, cloaks, trousers and dressing gowns are just a few things that this bespoke tailor of fine clothing offers.

Frock Coat $600

Double-Breasted Waistcoat $200-$250

Even the embellishments of peekaboo masks or braids can liven up your Victorian spirits and put you in the mood.

Masks by Mitchell Walker $139-$450

Mask by Mitchell Walker $139-$450

Adorn Thy Hair by Lynn Combs

Perspective by Amanda Holst
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