Velvet & Polka Dots: Classic Trends That Have Lasted Throughout the Years


Velvet and Polka Dots

Trend Alert! Velvet pieces and polka dots are popping up everywhere. I haven’t really seen a velvet trend in my lifetime, so it’s an exciting new trend for me to encounter. Polka dots, on the other hand, I couldn’t be happier to see come back in style! I love the classic look of this design, and when worn, they partially take me back to the 1940s–one of my favorite eras.

As for velvet, I have been noticing many brands producing different parts of an assemble to keep fashionistas trendy and cozy this fall. One of the celebrities I have noticed already rocking this fashion-forward trend is Nicole Richie. Wearing blue velvet shorts, which she designed for her new brand Winter Kate, Richie has brought an unlikely design pair together.

Juicy Couture has made this blazer for $114

American Eagle sells these flats for $30.

J Brand has produced these leggings for $165

Rebecca Minkoff Polka Dot blouse

Celebrities have been wearing polka dots recently, which is usually the start for all trends, and Lauren Conrad and Michelle Trachtenberg were spotted wearing the same Rebecca Minkoff Polka Dot blouse.

American Eagle blouse, $35.

To get this look for less, check out American Eagle which sells this cute blouse for $35.

Natalie Portman was also wearing an adorable blue polka dot dress by Jason W. These celebrities and more have been adorning these classy dots.

Review by Alexis Snyder

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