Vampire Weekend Rocked the Bay Area


Vampire Weekend rocked the Bay Area at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California this past Saturday night.

Beach House, a Baltimore-based band opened for the indie-rockers.  The stage went psychedelic with light-up pyramids, and a starry backdrop of white lights. While the stage filled with smoke to set a misty mood, the band doled out husky vocals and 70s-infused beats, which spoke to the crowd on an intimate level.

To hype the crowd back up again, Vampire Weekend started their show with Holiday from their new album Contra and kept the night going with hits from both of their two albums, as well as a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s  “I’m Going Down”.

Bowties adorned the collars of the crowd as they danced and crowd surfaced to the preppy tunes. Their songs “Campus” and “Oxford Comma” spoke to the audience appropriately on the UC Berkeley Campus.

Enzra Koenig’s voice reached incredible heights as he serenaded the crowd. Every note, dance move, and word spoken was done so with conviction and charm by Koenig.

Bassist Chris Baio, Helium’s new-found crush,  seemed to be having so much fun onstage with his unique dance moves to the beat of his own bass, which he traded for a cello during “Taxi Cab”. The crowd joined in Baio’s dance party, particularly when “A-Punk” blared from the stage. I have never seen so many oxfords jump around quite like that.

Chris Tomson’s drums, with Rostam Batmanglij adding counterpoint melodies on an array of keyboards or guitar completed the bona fide rock show.

After the encore the boys of Vampire Weekend came back out to play four last songs including “Mansard Roof” which they invited fans to raise their hands in the air and sing along.

I am unsure when they will be back in what Koenig called, “The Area”, better know as the Bay Area again, but  I recommend for all to catch this fun part dance party, part rock concert that Vampire Weekend delivers.

You will leave the venue dancing, smiling, and just wanting more Vampire Weekend.

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