Tipping Our Hats to Mother Earth


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2010 is a big year for 40th anniversaries.  James Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise were in the Earth’s orbit aboard Apollo 13; Charles Manson, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone; and Midnight Cowboy, True Grit and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice were up for Academy Awards – all while the calendars read 1970.

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That’s all fine and dandy but who really recalls any of it without Google’s helpful hand?  In that time span the helm of Star Trek’s Enterprise has been captained by William Shatner and Chris Pine’s Kirk, the airwaves rocked to the sound of David Bowie and Adam Lambert and the silver screen projected Sigourney Weaver as alien hunter in Ridley Scott’s Alien and alien philanthropist in James Cameron’s Avatar (and that’s just the highlight reel boys and girls!).

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With grand étonnement Earth Day hasn’t been forgotten despite all of the progress from the past 40 years, but why is it such an important holiday? 

Money does grow on trees.

From a fashion industry standpoint the word ‘trend’ describes a seasonal take on clothing that will pass as quickly as it came.  For the rest of the economy, green is a trend that hopefully is more of a shift than last year’s houndstooth blazer.

Eco-friendly is wallet-friendly.  You see it in the cars we drive (gas saved), the buildings we populate (heating and cooling) and the clothes we wear (recycled fashion, anyone?).  The first two may be obvious polluters but the fashion industry puts its fair share of emissions into the ecosystem.  It’s only natural that this segment gets its due from the green fairy.  Just look to GreenShows Eco-fashion Week hosted by New York Fashion Week and San Jose State’s Trashion Fashion Show.

With regulations on air and water pollution the United States has come a long way since the smokestack days of the ’70s.  Gaylord Nelson, former U.S. senator and San Jose State alum had something going, now let’s carry it into the next forty years.

posted by Jerome Ilagan, Helium Staff
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