Thread Social Special Occasion Dresses Exclusive for Priscilla of Boston: A Fairytale Come True


Santana Row was definitely the place to be last Thursday night; and if that prestigious name doesn’t spark any interest for you, then maybe the debut of Thread Social’s Special Occasion Dresses taking center stage at the elegant Priscilla of Boston will.

The decadent staircase, the ambiance of the princess-esque backdrops, and the enchanting private dressing rooms overlooking Santana Row makes Priscilla of Boston’s castle in the sky the perfect setting and new home for Thread Social’s exclusive party dresses.

The soiree on Thursday celebrated Thread Social and Priscilla of Boston’s launch of a special line of occasion dresses which are being called “a tribute to all things fun and flirty.”  Thread Social’s exclusive for Priscilla of Boston’s 9-piece line pulls off the perfect compliment to Priscilla of Boston’s all-around wedding gowns and social dresses.

7 short styles spearheaded the collection, each diverse in its own way.  Styles ranged from stripes to solids and strapless to the seemingly popular one-shoulder design.  Gold polka dots on a black flutter sleeve dress proved to be the most diverse and were also a favorite for one of the designers, Melissa Akey, and Helium’s Fashion Director, Jennifer Giles.  Bows, ruffles, frayed ends, and tulle material all kept with the designers’ feminine and fashion-forward label, as seen throughout the collection.

Two long dresses also debuted, one made from silk cotton, designed with stripes and a halter décolletage, while the other from two-tone grey chiffon, waisted with a contrasting watermelon ridge-textured ribbon.  The tie-neck with detailed bow made this one my favorite (seen below).

Melissa Akey, one of the owners and designers of Thread Social was wearing her very own short black charmeuse sleeveless top dress with tulle-emphasized skirt.  She is pleased to report that what originally started off as string of bridesmaid dresses has grown into a remarkable extension of party dresses for any occasion.  In this collection, Melissa and her partner Beth Blake kept to their bridal wear roots by using organzas, charmeuses, and chiffons, but also managed to make ‘that perfect party dress’ by incorporating schemes of bows, ruffles and silhouettes.  Melissa emphasized that sexy doesn’t have to be blatantly revealing but a hint of it can go a long way.  Thread Social’s good-taste meets subtle-sexy dresses range from size 2-14 and are accurate to size, according to Melissa.

Every party has a host, and this one was no different, as personal image consultant Shadi Swenson harmonized as “The Hostess with the Mostest.” Bright, welcoming, and an obvious passion for what she does, Shadi refined the night wearing Social Thread’s new watermelon silk side shoulder dress festooned with pipe appliqué details, which she pulled off nicely, don’t you think?

The invitees dressed to the occasion and I could not help but feel exclusive.  Those who have been to Priscilla of Boston know how its breathtaking and pristine atmosphere can make you feel special.  The collaboration between Priscilla of Boston and Thread Social makes it possible so that now you don’t have to be a bride or in a wedding to enjoy a fairy-tale experience.

The special occasion dresses are available now in the Santana Row location of Priscilla of Boston and will extend to other locations in the fall.  Price ranges from $250-$450.

Review by Amanda Holst

Pictures by Renata Gar

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