The Mythbusters Bring An Explosive Exhibition to the Tech Museum


Have you ever watched the Mythbusters test an experiment on their Emmy-winning show and wished you could try it at home? Well, if you are one of the many fans that religiously watch the show, your wish is about to come true. The Mythbusters bring their explosive exhibition to the Tech Museum where science enthusiasts, both young and younger, can test for themselves some of the experiments performed on the Discovery Channel’s hit show.

To start off the exhibition–literally with a bang–three of the co-hosts from Mythbusters—Tory Belleci, Kari Byrin, and Gant Imahara—paid a visit to the Tech on October 11, 2012, for a special unveiling of their show-inspired exhibition.

Doors to the exhibit were opened Mythbusters style, as Tori and Grant laced the handles of the giant yellow and black corrugated shipping container vestibule with “M40” for an ear-popping entrance reveal.

Mayor Chuck Reed was also in attendance to help welcome the Mythbusters, and receive an exclusive walk-through of each exhibit as Tori and Grant explained what each experiment entailed.

Many of the show’s props are also on display along with some mock blueprints of the experiments done on the show.

While making their way through the exhibit, Tori and Grant tested some of their selected experiments such as Big Bad Wolf—where you can test if the story of the three-little-pigs is true, and witness whether the huff-and-puff of the big, bad wolf can knock your mini-block house down—and Cliff Hanger, where you can test your strength and see how long you can dangle from a make-shift cliff.

Knowledgeable Tech staff were manning each exhibit station, enthusiastically engaging those in attendance to try out each experiment of which they were in charge.

Ever wanted to change like a superhero? How about pull a tablecloth off a table as fast as you can and see how much dinnerware will still remain in tact?

Do you think you have the speed capacity to dodge a bullet? How about toss a playing-card in a manner that makes it stick to a dart board? These are some of the experiments you can test for yourself at this highly interactive and immensely innovation exhibit.

At the end of the exhibit, there’s a stage where guests have the opportunity to be a part of a live, on-stage demonstration.

Three of this session’s volunteers tested their reaction time as they were prompted to hit a hand-buzzer when they first heard a sound and then saw a flash of light. Which do you think posed the faster reaction, light or sound? One volunteer also had the chance to see if he could dodge a paintball gunshot.

If guests get an inspired testable scientific myth that they want proved or busted, there’s a sheet they can fill out with their hypothesis that may be chosen to be tested on the show.

Before they make their exit, guests can peruse the Mythbusters store and purchase a fun memento from the exhibit or even a bobble-head of their favorite Mythbuster.

So if you want to test your Mythbusting skills, then make your way over to the Tech where science and innovation meet interactive fun and exploration.

Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibit, runs from October 13th, 2012 to January 6th, 2013.

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A special “Thank you” goes to Roqua Montez, Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the Tech Museum, for the accommodations.

Exhibition Review and Photos by Sophia M. Papadopoulos


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