The Magic of Once Upon A Time Comes to the Bay Area!


The magic and wonder of Storybrooke came to the Bay Area, as members of the cast put a spell on fans for a three-day (August 18-20, 2017), wonder-filled convention in San Francisco.

Fans of the show had the opportunity to meet the stars behind their favorite OUAT characters in person, take photos with them, and enjoy the panel discussions about the magic that makes the show so spellbinding.

Some of the guests in attendance were: Lana Parrilla Regina/the Evil Queen, Jennifer Morrison Emma Swan, Rebecca Mader Zelena/the Wicked Witch, Emille de Ravin Belle, and every lady’s favorite pirate, Colin O’ Donogue Captain Kilian “Hook” Jones.

Beverley Elliot (Granny) & Lee Arenberg (Grumpy)

Fans also enjoyed a full line-up of activities, including a OUAT special concert featuring Gil McKinney Prince Eric and Beverley Elliot Granny, a fan costume contest, a karaoke party, a music video contest, a trivia competition and more!

Throughout the convention, diehard fans of the show were seen dressed up as their favorite characters.

Fans could also purchase autographed photos and posters, and even bid on auction items that depicted their favorite characters from the show.

When Colin O’ Donogue Captain Kilian “Hook” Jones and Jennifer Morrison Emma Swan took the stage on Saturday, they were greeted with loud cheers from the audience. Both were very gracious, genuine, and kind, as they took the time to answer all fans’ questions while also discussing the filming of some of their favorite episodes and the magic behind the show.

For one spellbinding weekend, the heroes and villains of OUAT provided a truly magical experience for all of their fans.

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Review and Photos by Sophia M. Papadopoulos

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