The Fab-Four are Back and Sexier than Ever


The girls are back

After two years and dozens of Cosmos later, the wait is finally over as the fab-four (Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda) are back in the highly anticipating sequel of “Sex in the City 2.” You die-hard “Sex in the City” fans once again have an excuse to wear your favorite pair of stilettos to the movies, but make sure they are Manolos; Carrie wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you are like me and were left with your mouth open upon watching the first “Sex in the City” movie, you are not alone. All the women in the theater gasped when Mr. Big left Carrie at the altar. And after all the emotional games he put her through over the years due to his fear of commitment, I’m almost certain that they wanted to rip his head off at that moment. However, like almost all movies with a romantic plot, there was a happy ending, as Carrie and Mr. Big FINALLY tied the knot.

Now the girls are back, and the sequel is sure to stir up more drama, love, desire, and of course, fashion, as they make their way from one cosmopolitan metropolis to another, Abu Dhabi, on a trip of a lifetime. But, as the tantalizing previews suggest with the “Sex in the City” soundtrack playing in the background, even in the far away desserts of the Arab Emirates, Carrie finds herself in a love-tryst with an ex-lover. So what will this illicit rendezvous mean for Carrie and Mr. Big? I guess you have to go watch the movie to find out.

So grab your stilettos, shake up your Cosmos, and invite your favorite gal-pals for a night of fun, fashion, and of course the fab-four. New York sky-scrapers the limit, so get ready to let loose and have some fun!

“Sex in the City 2” in theaters May 27, 2010

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