The Colors of the Year for 2016 with Cynthia Mittleider


Color forecasting has always been a faux-science for fashion, interior design, and real estate. What color should I paint my entry room to make a splash? What color should I choose for my fall collection? A lot of resources and time can be lost if you fail to choose wisely, and using the wrong color palette can cause your clients to bypass your newly designed dress on the rack.

According to Cynthia Mittleider, design expert, “Spiritual well-being and zen had a lot to contribute to the Pantone color of the year for 2016.” Pantone chose a cooling and relaxed shade of blue called “Serenity.” Their forecast was on-point with all the negativity going on in the country. It’s been wild, and “we definitely need a calming shade of blue to make relaxing a little easier and put your mind at ease.”

A delicate feminine pink was also chosen to counter-balance the greyish blue. Both blues and pinks are very subtle and flattering on most skin-tones. Blue hues also photograph well, and are currently hot when layered with greys and neutral colors. Colors are important in both fashion and home interior design since items go into production a whole season or even year before being released to the market.

As always, Pantone is a great resource for fashion and interior designers alike, offering direction and research into the hottest trends and forecasts for the year to come. If you are a designer or simply a home-owner looking to be on trend, don’t forget to read the color and style guides by Pantone.

Article by Alicia Alvarez




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