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Last week, Helium Magazine released the completed Collection Issue featuring 144 pages of coverage on the San Francisco Bay Area’s best designers and fashion shows in 2011. The issue is primarily a web issue so unless you order a printed copy you won’t get to see the issue’s best feature: resolution.

All of the editorial photographs and some of the artwork for Helium’s original ads were photographed with a Hasselblad H3D; one of the best digital cameras in the world. Our weapon of choice had a 31MP sensor that produced images 16″ x 22″ tall at 300dpi. There’s so much resolution that even the full page photos in the print issue only show 50% of the detail.

So why did we shoot with a Hasselblad?

1) The sensor and glass on the camera produces color accuracy and a dynamic range that is visible even at web resolution. I also think that the size of the sensor and glass creates a different ratio that allows the models to appear closer to the camera without distortion.

2) I’ve ALWAYS wanted to shoot with a Hasselblad! It’s been a life long dream, and it’s been everything I hoped it would be.

We’re really looking forward to using the beast again in Issue 3, and we’re looking forward to seeing what other contributing photographers can do with it too!

Matthew Mountford
Helium Magazine

Order the Collection Issue in Print HERE.
Read it online HERE.



Great write-up.. That is one sharp camera.

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