The Basics of Thrifting


Thrifting is an art, and at that, one that I am still perfecting. Thrifting takes time, for which some people do not possess the patience, but if you know how to sift through over people’s junk to find vintage treasures, it is really worthwhile! The money you can save by building a thrifted wardrobe is almost worth the time itself!

Besides patience, thrifting takes knowledge. It becomes much easier if you know where to shop and what to look for. Like with most fashion choices, you have to pick out what works for you and your style! Personally, I have an obsession with the full skirts of the ’50s and the mod style of the ’60s. If I can find anything that resembles these styles, or compliments them, I often can snatch them up for as low as $5.00.

Depending on your area, there are different types of options for second-hand shopping. In San Francisco, Haight Street is known for its funky style options, but there are thrift stores with treasures all over the town! In San Jose, the second-hand shopping is contained to mostly donation organizations, like Savers, Salvation Army, and Goodwill, but there are a few retro shops scattered throughout the city.

Thrifting isn’t just about clothes either. Some of my best finds have been kitchen and apartment furnishings that only compliment my vintage sense of style in clothing. Since it’s my first blog post, I’m going to find some of my favorite finds of the past and where I got them!

Our circa '50s pick toaster oven- Salvation Army, San Jose

Oscar de la Renta Ties- Savers, San Jose

A funky kid's snow jacket that is a perfect fit for my skinny boyfriend!- Moon Zoom, Santa Cruz

A faux-vintage piece that mimics that '50s full skirt look- Buffalo Exchange, Haight Street

A old school varsity cardigan- Black & Brown, San Jose

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