StyleHaul Picks Up $6.5M Series B, Proves Hauler Videos Aren’t Just A Fad


Who could have guessed that a video of a girl standing in her room talking to her webcam about her new clothes could rack up 3.8 million views?

Or that a girl sharing her “First Day Of School Looks” could rack up 2.4 million views?

Known as “Hauler Videos,” the fad of sharing your “shopping haul” on YouTube has all but completely consumed the fashion section of the internet’s most popular video channel, but while no one could have predicted its success one FashionTech startup has predicted that a successful business model could be built on it.

Founded in 2010 by former Saks Fifth Avenue executive and CEO Stephanie Horbaczewski, StyleHaul has just closed a $6.5M Series B round led by Bertelsmann’s Digital Media Investment arm. In addition to their Series A, the startup has now raised $10.9 million in capital.

When I first heard of StyleHaul last year I thought the company was smart to jump on the fad so quickly but was worried that the video trend wouldn’t last. But with 50m monthly viewers and 275 monthly video views from 1500 partnered channels, StyleHaul has proven that hauling is here to stay.

Horbaczewski says she will use the money to build out the direct-sales team and a destination site independent from

Also competing in the space is HaulerDeals who monetizes  videos with direct e-commerce links instead of advertising. Fellow Youtube producer Maker Studios has also raised $78.5 million for a successful list of comedy and video game channels.

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