So Timeless at Santana Row


I don’t care if the last seven, not to mention, greatest, Beatles albums never were performed in concert, I still enjoy the atmosphere live music builds.  Even if Strawberry Fields Forever was the trippiest pop song ever written, it’s going to have a hard time competing against the relationship that develops between a live audience and the musicians, especially outdoors.

There’s something about the combination of live instruments and fresh air that activates our carnal instincts, just watch any of the Arcade Fire’s shows on YouTube and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  In a live set the crowd is not only able to hear the band but see, touch, and if you’re really lucky, smell and taste them too – that is, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Rockin’ out on the Row

Every now and then Santana Row feels the same way and holds live music sets of their own.  This time around, So Timeless, of Bay Area roots, wins over the crowd with smooth saxophone-laced tracks and crisp vocalized harmonies.

First up is Lionel on alto sax whose puffer jacket and Asics sneakers are a definite homage to 1970’s fashion.  The derby cap and cords let you know that he’s one smooth saxophoner.  To his left is vocalist, Lonnye who layers a zip-up hoodie underneath his leather jacket to give it an even more laidback vibe.  You can never go wrong with all black peices.

On the keys is Ed, and I’m starting to think they coordinated the derby cap look before they took to the stage.  Not to his detriment, the headwear compliments his printed button-up seamlessly.  Playing acoustic bass, Norman brings the cafe-guitar/vocalist-aesthetic to life with the tan-colored blazer (extra points for the fingerless gloves, brotha!).

As twilight turned into nightfall on Santana Row, So Timeless was able to showcase a nice sampling of their body of work that reflects their iconic r&b influences Earth, Wind & Fire; Stevie Wonder and Babyface.  They even used the intimate setting to take requests from the crowd, covering Jill Scott’s “A Long Walk”, inspiring multiple shoppers-turned-audience-members to drop some coin into the guitar case and even pick up a copy of their album.

Special thanks to Jasmine Price for the photos.
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