Should I stay or should I go? An incite on how to evaluate your closet relationship


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While we can we all agree that decluttering our closet is an exuberating experience, we have a tendency to make room for the lurkers that insist on a relationship without giving anything back in return.  Before you fall into the same ‘take-me back’ routine, try these new-fangled ways to assess your relationships with your fashion.

Be Honest With Yourself

You may be holding on to old memories or holding onto the dream that one day you will miraculously fit into those old pair of jeans.  Once you start being honest about where you are in your life and how your clothes fit into it, then you can start to let go of the “what can’t be.”  Take an honest assessment of the clothes that represent who are you and part with the ones that aren’t measuring up.

Let it go

You have just the right outfit for just the right occasion, but what about the clothes that are never included in your special moments?  What about the sentimental clothes that you insist on keeping for keeping sake?  Once you stop equating your possessions with the things that are good in life then you can start to declutter the clothes that are holding you back.  The general rule is if you haven’t worn it in a year, then you probably won’t ever.  If you are still having trouble parting with the memories, consider making a quilt with the pieces you value so much.

No Brainers

Torn, ripped, stained, clothes should be a closet buster, period.  If you do not fix, sew, or patch the pieces of clothing that you insist on keeping right after you read this posting, then go to your closet and get rid of it!  If your attachment is still pulling on your heart strings, Google a seamstress in your area TODAY and assert fashion dominance immediately.  What’s the point in dragging out the process if you aren’t willing to take action?  Think of the new fashion opportunities you will have with your refurbished threads!

Know What’s Timeless

The great thing about a timeless piece is that it will carry you through any style that you chose to have.  Staples if you will, classic pieces will never go out of style or lash out at you when you make a bad fashion judgment. Do not trick yourself into thinking you are dealing with a timeless piece if it does not fit properly, is outdated, or does not do any justice for your best features.  Here are some of the classics: Ladies-a tailored white shirt, black pants, a fitted blazer, dark jeans, and a pencil skirt  Guys– overcoat, khakis, jeans, blue blazer, solid tie, white dress shirt, deconstructed suit, black shoes and belt

Outfit Planning

You are proud of your investment of certain pieces that have made permanent residence in your closet.  Making it a habit to try on new pieces with old pieces that you have already accumulated will save on time planning new outfits, energy on trying to reinvent yourself, and money by not having to buy a ‘new look.’  The ongoing process of wardrobe management of knowing what you have and how you can work it in will make the trip to your closet a pleasant one.

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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