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Every fierce little heart in the bay area is longing to see our own legitimate fashion industry. It’s in the minds of Helium as we venture towards our first issue, working to pull together the local designers and retailers in Silicon Valley. And, it was also in the actions of Erika Gessin who ran San Francisco Fashion Week for four years until it collapsed under its own weight in 2008.

Going on three years of virtual inactivity and no sign of change (forgetting Stanford’s Charity Fashion Show for dramatic effect), San Francisco designer Joseph Domingo has decided that shame can only get so thick before it’s finally time to do something. So on January 23rd, Domingo kicked off SFBA (San Francisco Bay Area) fashion network at the Snow all-white fashion event. Hosted at the conveniently and Swedishly white Pigment Cosmetics makeup school on Market Street, San Francisco’s leading fashion industry designers and moguls showed up decked to the floor in their most lavish pearl attires.

Helium joined Silicon Valley designer Hector Manuel in mingling with the crowd, and was happy to see familiar faces: Kelly Tanimura (model for the Never Gets Old feature) and Charlene Phan (Water Goddess, premiering in the Elemental Fashion Show issue).

Along with other models from the New Faces Model Agency, Tanimura and Phan walked in a small fashion show segment to the mixer wearing Bacca Da Silva, Christopher Collins, Colleen Quen, Dcepcion, Verrieres & Sako, and Joseph Domingo.

Check out the video and pictures below. Helium can’t wait for to see what the network does next!

Video 2: by Del Geronimo

Hunky Model, Helium Fashion Director Jennifer Giles, Hunky Model



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