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Shock and awe. That is the impression you may draw about the sexy costumes worn on Halloween. Like a magic spell bringing two lovers together, alter egos chant themselves into the way we express ourselves and it’s not too surprising to see new dimensions overflow to Halloween fashion and style.

This is the one night a year that draws on imagination and bravery, and when inhibition has an opportunity to take a back seat to self-expression.

Take sexy outfits for example. It wouldn’t be Halloween if you didn’t see sexy upstairs French maids

-or the “come along way” sexy witch outfits

Are you portraying a sex-vixen to release your repressed sexuality or are you bragging about your healthy sex life?

Whatever the case may be, Halloween can be the night you lose your on edge insecurities.

-If you want to give off just an innuendo, a wig or the right king of shoes can add sexy without being too revealing.

Va Va Vamp Wig $11.99 @

Gold Sexy Roman Sandals $47 on

Here’s some sexy twists on old favorites

Sexy Twister Costume $55

Sexy Antoinette $48

Be sexy by being creative

these costumes are sure to shock and awe

Sexy Teacher's Pet $57 @

Sexy Girl Scout

Sexy Secret Service

Halloween gives us a chance to dress up opposite our personality and explore facets about ourselves that we would not normally express if not given the opportunity.

So if its time for you to dress seductive this year do so with confidence and good style.

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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Very cute style ideas! I love the clutch. I just posted some date night inspiration on my blog too! I'd love you to check it out.

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