Santana Row Rewards Card Now Available


Credit card. Check. ATM Card. Check. Santana Row Rewards Card. Check. Yes, you heard right. Santana Row is now offering its loyal customers a Santana Row Rewards Card that will allow them to accumulate points on all purchases made at the 70 retails shops, 11 spas and salons, CineArts Theatre, Hotel Valencia, and more than two dozen restaurants on the Row. Customers will receive one point for every dollar spent. This free customer loyalty program will include exclusive discounts, along with gifts and gift cards to shops, events, spas and salons, Hotel Valencia, and complimentary menu items at restaurants.

Simply visit to sign up and become a member.

Upon creating your account, visit the concierge at Santana Row to receive your Loyalty Rewards membership card.

Remember to save all your purchase receipts, and take them to the concierge who will then load the equivalent points onto your account. You can check your points online at any time. And, points NEVER expire.

The Concierge team is available Monday through Saturday, 10am-9pm and Sunday, 11am-7pm.

Shopping at Santana Row has never been so rewarding.

For more information, please visit:

Promotional Post by Sophia M. Papadopoulos

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