Runway Reversal: At PETA, Animals Wear You


“Every year, humans kill millions of animals for frivolous fashion,” says in an indicative statement that reveals both a hatred for fashion and their fellow “human” counterparts. The animal activist group has a history of extremism in grabbing attention for the “ethics” that they try and force on the rest of us.

These tactics have gone from marketing campaigns featuring nude images of celebrities to handing out buckets of blood at KFC locations as part of their “meat is murder” message.

For the most part, their extremist messaging has alienated the general public and you would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t roll their eyes when hearing PETA’s name. South Park’s depiction of the group in their 8th season didn’t help either.


But perhaps PETA has finally figured out how to turn the conversation around with this new video called “Runway Reversal” where animated animals walk a runway in couture that turns out to be made of human skin and body parts.

Extremism is a lot like porn: You know it when you see it. I remember once being asked by a model if her work was “amateur porn” or “artistic art.” It wasn’t particularly raunchy, but something about the “taste” of it just wasn’t very classy. Meanwhile I’ve seen full-blown nude editorials with no clothes that scream “high fashion.”

But unlike porn, extremism is something you immediately turn away from.

This video is a testament to how quality and tone can effect a message. There’s something about the quality and comical figures that grabs your attention and makes you care about what the video is trying to say. The music selection is a bulls-eye and even as the video zooms in on the ridiculous analogy of a little girl in a cage, I am left to be struck with the final line, “Take off your fur. Put on your humanity.”

Am I ready to stop eating meat much less condemning the use of animal products in clothes? No. But am I finally listening? Yes.

And that’s all that matters.



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