Richard Sessions tapped to be CTO


With thirty-five years of high-tech experience as an applications engineer, salesperson, marketer, $150M business unit general manager, and a leader of a $400M marketing organization, Richard Sessions knows technology like the back of his hand. He graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Engineering and is an international lecturer and executive education/graduate school instructor on global new product development, high-tech product portfolio management, and high-intensity strategic planning/execution.

And now, Helium welcomes this high-class geek to the fashion industry!

As Helium’s new Chief Technical Officer, Richard will play a crucial role in directing the organization’s new products through development and execution. “I see a great opportunity to bring the world of technology to the fashion industry in a way that’s never been done before,” says Richard. “Most importantly though, I see a magnificent brand with strong core values and limitless potential.”

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