Revival Fashion Show: June 11th 2010


As part of Helium’s partnership with West Valley College, Helium Magazine produced this stunning ad campaign for their upcoming Revival Fashion Show on June 11th.

The campaign and theme for the show reflects the re-birth of the West Valley fashion club (Fashion Design and Apparel Technology Club). With sold-out shows produced by West Valley Alumni designer Joseph Domingo, the annual student showcase took a hiatus in 2009. But with new energy coming from the club’s new President, Angelina Haole, this year’s show will truly be an electrifying “revival.”

The Image

Helium’s Art Director, Jack Husting, photographed model Vanessa Houle at Studio X (the largest photography studio in Silicon Valley). As seen in the video below, Houle was photographed in front of a white background, with the rest of the image (some 30+ photographs) being composited together to produce the final images.

You can see the print campaign at various locations in Silicon Valley, and on Santana Row.

The Dress

Couture fashion designer Hector Manuel first debuted his line Acta Non Verba in Helium Magazine’s stunning Fashion Feature at Gregorio Beach in Half Moon Bay last summer. Manuel, a West Valley Alumni, also showed his full line in Helium’s Atomic Fashion Show on June 11th.

This gold and black dress was specially fitted for Houle and finished for the Revival Campaign. His new line (still in production) features an assortment of new metallic fabrics, missing shoulders, and custom designed shoulder pads (that’s right, they’re back!).

The Styling

To complete the “FIERCE marries EPIC” vision, Helium called in our production partners Yanin Colmenero (from Umbrella Salon) and Brittany Villarreal (Purple Orchid Spa) to finish the look. Reminiscent of the Red Queen in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland (2010), the hair and makeup were parted to complement the antenna crown; transforming her head into the antenna for the tower of television screens.

A deliciously gaudy gold necklace from SF designer Mark Jasson (JSSN) is around Houle’s neck to compliment the gold jemmed Steve Madden heals.

Check out the Revival Fashion Show page for more information.

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