Radio Alice’s Annual Summerthing Featuring Adam Lambert Rocked Golden Gate Park


Alice 97.3 held its annual Summerthing at Hellman Hollow in Golden Gate Park on June 24th, 2012.

It was a perfect day for the free concert, as the sun was shining bright and the energy in the air was contagious.

This year’s line-up included performances by Vicci Martinez from “The Voice,” alternative rock band Graffiti6, indie rock band Scars on 45, American rock band Boys Like Girls, and, of course, the headliner, Adam Lambert.

Prior to the performances, patrons had the opportunity to visit the various kiosks lining the perimeter of the park, and also enjoyed a picnic on the lawn. Alice listeners, who won the meet-and-greet with Adam before his performance, experienced VIP treatment and preferred seating along with a tasty catered lunch.

Vicci Martinez was the opening act. As soon as the band started to play, the sounds of music permeated throughout the park with a euphoric vibration. All who had watched Vicci on “The Voice” were thrilled to see her perform live and in person.

Patrons continued to rock on as Graffiti6, Scars on 45, and Boys Like Girls took the stage. But it was obvious who they were all itching to see…the one…the only…the electrifying, Adam Lambert.

Once Adam took the stage—looking like a true super-star—with his black leather vest, skin-tight pants, knee-high boots, and reflective rock-star sunglasses, everyone in the audience screamed with excitement and anticipation.

Promoting his new album Trespassing, Adam began with his titled track “Trespassing.” With every one of Adam’s moves, thrusts, and sexy poses, the audience joined in and danced to the beat. Adam then went on to sing “Kickin’ In,” “Naked Love,” “Broken English,” “Never Close Our Eyes,” and a few classics from his first record For Your Entertainment: “What Do You Want From Me?” and “If I had You.”

Adam also treated the audience to a tribute song commemorating the late Donna Summer. He sang his version of “Hot Stuff” as the crowd bobbed their heads to the disco beat. Many of the ladies in the audience were screaming “You are hot stuff, Adam,” hoping that he would hear their admiration for him.

As Adam finished his last song and made his way off the stage, the crowd started chanting his name, hoping he would come back for an encore. However, like all things, good times must also come to an end. Adam did, however, take the time to meet a few more lucky fans backstage and posed for photos with them.

Alice’s Summerthing 2012 was a great way to kick off the summer on a high note.

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Please enjoy the photo-essay from the concert:

Vicci Martinez from “The Voice,” belts it out as the crowd watches on.

Vicci Martinez poses for pictures back stage.

Graffiti 6 take the stage.

Lead singer, Jamie Scott, gets the crowd going.

Scars on 45 bring a bit of English charm to the stage.

Scars on 45 backstage with Jayn, Radio Alice’s on-air DJ.

Boys Like Girls get the ladies swooning. 

Boys Like Girls backstage with Jayn, Radio Alice’s on-air DJ.

Adam posing with Sara and Vinnie from Radio Alice, and fans.

Adam rockin’ it hard on stage with his band.

Those baby-blues are as electrifying as Adam.

For more information on Adam Lambert and to purchase his music, please visit:

Scars on 45

Boys Like Girls


Vicci Martinez!all

A special “Thank you” goes to Alice @ 97.3s Director of Marketing and Promotions, Denise St. Louis for the accommodations.

Event Review and Photos by Sophia M. Papadopoulos

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