Phone Halo Helps You Find Your Haute Couture Gloves


We’ve all been there — that excruciatingly painful moment when you realize you have once again misplaced your haute couture gloves. Are they on your front row seat at NYFW? Did you leave them on the veranda at the hotel? Perhaps they’re in the dressing room at Saks or maybe your long-haired chihuahua Mitcko ran off with them again?

There’s literally, like, a zillion things that can happen to a pair of haute couture gloves which is why I’m so ecstatic to tell you about a new partnership between California tech startup Phone Halo and New York fashion designer Asher Levine. In his new Fall/Winter 2013 collection released last week, select garments will have embeded Bluetooth-enabled microchips to help you locate them when lost.

An iPhone app will allow the wearer to press a button and make their garments “ring” to help them be found if nearby. But if those gloves have been — le gasp — stolen, the the iPhone app can actually locate theme via GPS.

Phone Halo

“We believe that fashion will have more and more technology integration,” Phone Halo’s COO, Christian Smith, said in an interview with Fast Company. “Asher’s smart gloves are a great example of how tech-fashion can improve our lives.”

Someone hold my frapp while I go Watson on my missing cardigan that just registered a ping in Oakland!


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