MythBusters Wrap Up Tour On Home Stretch


Emmy nominated duo Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, co-hosts of the series MythBusters, took the stage for a final time at the City National Civic in San Jose, wrapping up their “Behind The Myths Tour” with a flurry of dazzling stunts that included audience participation.

Over their ten year run, the show has amassed millions of fans from all backgrounds interested in science and physics. The team even jokingly guessed that each volunteer on stage is a computer engineer, and the fact that engineer after engineer took the stage to help with their demonstrations cemented that fact. The crowd began to cheer when a dentist finally ended the streak of engineers during the on-stage experiments. It was the kind of show that included high intensity, ear-blowing, scientific fun.

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Behind the Myths was designed by Jaime and Adam to take fans into the lab and give them a sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes of their planning, building, and occasional explosions as seen on their television show. The live show featured paintball machine guns, explosive visuals, and a thousand-frame-per-second camera that slowed every vibration in the human face to a wobbly mess that made the entire audience explode in laughter.


The show played out like a “thank you” letter for fans but with a somber feeling because it was the last show before the MythBusters returned home to work on other projects that will probably include an explosion or two. One of their most memorable Myths—the exploding water heater—was replayed onstage, and Jaime and Adam then rolled out the actual blown-up prop for the audience to see. That was one of their fan favorites, and the fact that such a thing could happen—that a water heater could take flight and take off like a rocket—is why the show has amassed a huge audience. They test the possibilities and bring light to urban myths and repeated tales.


Hijinks aside, the MythBusters took a moment to answer questions by their fans during a Q-&-A segment. Jaime Hyneman spoke about the time he was able to fool a finger-print detection device using a black-and-white copy and a sharpie. The company and manufacturer of that device was not amused and actually tried to deter the team from exploring the myth. Adam Savage shared that his favorite myth of all time was a traffic-smashing car that could plow through lines of traffic and throw cars out of the way like dominos. Who doesn’t wish they had one of those during rush hour? All-in-all, a great show, as no one left disappointed or with their ear-drums intact.


MythBusters is currently getting ready for a new season airing on January 10th on The Discovery Channel. The new season will explore myths seen on “The Simpsons”, “Breaking Bad”, and “The A Team”.  In tribute, The Science Channel will be running a 9-day-long marathon that will feature MythBusters’ entire 220 episode series starting on Christmas day.

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Review & photos by Alicia Alvarez

Additional photos by Sophia M. Papadopoulos


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