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They premiered in September of last year with a music video scandalously titled “In The Middle.” Their bodies were rock-hard, drenched in water, and clinging to neon outfits reminiscent of an 80’s Richard Simmons exercise video. Yet sex sells, so the video made a small bang, and what should have been a Ukrainian boy band’s first and only attempt at breaking into the pop-music world played itself out.

Then, something magical happened. Love, to be exact. The dancing quartet called Kazaky regrouped, embraced their inner studs-in-stillettos, and let it all hang out in the most fashionable way possible. Their second music video, “Love” hit YouTube in February of this year and has almost instantly become an international sensation with over 2.6 Million hits. Want them, love them, hate them; they don’t care, and will be continuing their bee-line to stardom all the same.

Silicon Valley model and Kazaky fan, Oscar “Xavier” Munoz, reflects on Kazaky’s unique style and his inspiration to get rock-hard himself with the infamous P90x workout.


Helium Magazine: What inspired you to buckle down and beef up?

Oscar “Xavier” Munoz: My cousin and I actually both decided together to do the P90x workout. We committed to not going out and partying every night, and instead staying in and working out. It was hard at first, and I stopped doing photo shoots to focus on my rebuild, but once I saw the Kazaky video eating nothing but protein and fruit platters became a whole lot easier. I haven’t really “beefed up” like most do with the routine, but that’s my body type and I’m happy with it. Okurr??




HM: The “Love” music video certainly is edgy and unique. Why do you find it so inspiring?

OXM: You just can’t argue with the bravery that it takes to do what they’re doing. You can tell from their every move that they’re motivated and determined to change the way we see fashion, dancing, and even gender. I think what makes it work is that they’re able to be so masculine and feminine at the same time. That’s a big trend right now. We’ve seen the vision of a “strong woman” progress through pant suits, and now it’s time to see man’s vision progress through heals. Will men ever wear heals down the street outside of the Castro? Probably not. Should we see men wearing heals on the runway, where style breaks boundaries every year? Absolutely.



HM: Where do you think Kazaky will be going next?

OXM: To San Francisco of course! They’re still really new so I’m not sure how much of a following they have around here. But let’s be real; it’s a shame that their U.S. premiere was in New York! They belong in SF, and with the city’s burgeoning fashion scene and gay-capitol-of-the-world status, they’re guaranteed to be a knock out.

Style wise though, who can say? Their next video is guaranteed to be fierce. They’re really a band that deserves to partner up with an already known name and vocal powerhouse. COULD YOU NOT SEE THEM WITH GAGA DANCING IN THE STREETS OF SF? Yes. This needs to happen. And you heard it here first.



Photography by Matthew Mountford
Designs by Aku Padilla
Hair Styling by Jaymz Marez from Sophisto Salon
Makeup by Renata Gar



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NYC of course, and ha ha they are. They will be loved here, many coming from all over to to see them. NYC will never be the same again after their show. LOL. You guys so damn hot, and your dancing amazing.

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