Model Profile: Daniel Orth


Daniel Orth

Age: 24
Height: 6’0”
Agency: HMM
Hometown: Modesto, CA

MySpace or Facebook? Facebook minus the stalkers
SmartPhone or AnyPhone? Any Phone
Mac or PC? PC! Mac’s are for hippies

Gisella or Tyra? Tyra, I used to have a crush on her as a kid
Favorite drink? Water, but I miss chocolate milk
Favorite guilty pleasure? Pigging out after photo shoots or shows

What exercise routines do you do? I do weight training 5-6 days a week and cardio 2-4 days a week.
Any healthy eating tips? Cutting out junk food like soda and sweets, as well as eating low carb/low fat for dinners works wonders, so have a salad!

What’s the most exciting photo shoot or modeling gig you have ever done? Working with the very talented Scott Marrs in San Francisco and shooting almost 20 different themes in only 3 hours!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I see myself in ads for Calvin Klein, Armani and more. Working for Google or Yahoo as their personal trainer and nutritionist.  Also, being one of the trainers on the TV Show “The Biggest Loser”. Finally, becoming the official United States spokes model for Health and Fitness.

Favorite fashion designer/store? Banana Republic and JCrew
Most expensive or wild outfit or piece of clothing you’ve ever owned? My $100 pair of Guess jeans is expensive to me!

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