Memoirs of a Mallrat


The notorious-acclaimed Charity Fashion Show only weeks away and I have not the faintest idea of what to wear.  With an excuse to go shopping and mallrat expertise on my side, I set off to Westfield Valley Fair Mall over the weekend.

April 25, 2010

4:00 p.m Parking is no problem for this mallrat, who knows that advancing to the top level will save time and energy for the bigger task at hand.

4:15 p.m. The last thing I need right now is to lose myself in the middle of a Macy’s shoe sale.  These Pastry Glam Night Pumps with fringe décor and slinky straps are just going to have to wait til I narrow down my outfit choices.

Pastry Glam Night $59

Mallrat Mantra: Have a plan.

Valley Fair may be a little overwhelming but I have my What, Where, & How Much

How much:  $100

What: Dress, Accessories, Shoes

Where: GUESS, BEBE, Charlotte Russe

4:30 Wow, everything I try on at GUESS I love but…

The Zipper

The Lubov Bubble

The Tracy

…Did I find the one?

Mallrat Tip: It’s OK to Put on Hold

5:00 p.m Next stop BEBE.  Here are my dressing room confessions

Belted Sailor Dress

Striped Halter Dress

Silk Party Dress

Romantic Shirt Dress

5:30 Some cute picks at Charlotte Russe

Satin Pleaded Dress

Satin Tube

Blossom Tube

Satin Slash Dress

Pleated Tube Dress

Mallrat tip: Love the outfit that Loves you back

5:45 p.m. Thank goodness I always bring a change of shoes- my dogs are killing me!  I still cannot find a necklace to go with my GUESS bracelet and earrings though; the closest fit I get is a Givenchy necklace back at Macy’s that’s way over budget.

Flower Hinge Bracelet


Chandelier Earrings

With only six dollars over budget, two accessories pieces that I would not have normally been able to get, and the excitement building up for Charity Fashion Show, I knew today being a mallrat paid off.

Perspective by: Amanda Holst/Fashion 101

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