Local Fashion Website Polyvore Makes it to New York Fashion Week


While only a few are fortunate enough to gain entry into any of the fashion shows being held at Lincoln Center in Manhattan this week, most of us, through modern-day technologies, can still be able to sneak the highlights and undertake all the niceties that come with New York Fashion Week.

For Mountain View online fashion company, Polyvore, the cross-over to the fashion world became a reality, as they teamed up with Yves Saint Laurent last Friday to launch their new collection at Fashion\’s Night Out.

CEO, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Head of PR, Jennifer Yuille and Community Manager, Nadia Hussain represented Polyvore in their exciting Fashion Week debut.

Polyvore's CEO, PR Head, & Community Manager

Visitors to the YSL Manhattan’s store were able to view the new Edition 24 Collection and were able to mix and match sets on Polyvore’s website to visually conceptualize what a complete outfit would look like.

Take the Art of Travel Challenge

Members of the world’s largest online fashion and style community don’t have to be in New York to decide how many different ways they can fashion Saint Laurent’s new Edition 24 collection. Members and the not-so-unfamiliar public can now take Polyvore’s Art of Travel “community challenge” to create their own sets to decide for themselves if YSL’s new white mohair long sleeve sweater would go well with the new red felt skirt and Croco Embossed suede platform pumps.

YSL White Mohair Sweater $690

YSL Red Felt Skirt $450

YSL Platform in Croco Embossed Suede $850

About YSL’s Edition 24 Collection

The collection features a modern approach to the active woman, complete with functional pullover dresses, feminine wool skirts and coats, and signature safari styling Sahariennesque jackets.  Nonchalant luxury extends to jewelry in this versatile collection, which includes several leather and metal necklaces and dabbles in subjects of geometry, culture, and fine art.  The separates made out of intoile, muslin, and gabardine are a testament to the concept of layering, and the key pieces could easily be combined with other collections as part of a functional wardrobe.

YSL Beaded Necklace

YSL Oval Ring

If the satisfaction of showing off your sense of style doesn’t capture your attention, maybe Yves Saint Laurent’s new Multy fall bag will.  The winning set snags the gift and the notoriety on Polyvore’s home page-  more reason to fall in love with online shopping and New York Fashion Week!

YSL's Multy Fall Bag

Article by Amanda Holst

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