Kanye West’s Fashion Resume (And Epic Twitter Tirade)


The social-mediasphere is all abuzz over Kanye West’s Epic Twitter Tirade last night. Over the course of three hours, West shot off about 80 tweets that was more than a rant on his normal hot topics (MTV, award ceremonies, his mother, education, his fans, the people who aren’t his fans, the Olympics, science, government…), but actually an energetic announcement and description of his vision for a new fashion label called DONDA.

It’s safe to say that Kanye West is many things: a genius, a narcissist, bipolar, a musician… But a fashion designer?

First, West wants to say FUCK YOU for thinking someone can only be talented at one thing. Second, he wants you to know that he’s actually been working very hard at it for many years.

Just how hard? Here is Kanye’s Epic Twitter Tirade formatted into a “proper resume.”






Kanye West brings 8 years of fashion design experience to the fashion industry. After taking a hiatus from the industry at the age of five (when his mother said he could spot the most expensive fur on a rack), west began his official fashion career when he was offered to do an urban line in conjunction with his first album.

West spent a month sketching designs in Japan before interning at Louis Vuitton for two years and turned down an internship at Versace. He worked at Fendi in Rome for 4 months while sneaking off to the Giuseppe Zanotti Factory.

He designed a sneaker for Nike called “Yeezy,” but realized he needed his own label when they capped him at designing a shoe every two years. He then wasn’t invited back to LV, so he decided to fund and launch his own fashion show.

Early last year, West opened his own design studio in Paris which is reportedly visited by Azzedine Alaia quite often.


DONDA by Kanye West is more than a fashion label, but a design house that will simplify and aesthetically improve everything we see, hear, touch, taste and feel. Just like Steve Jobs did.

West is currently assembling a 22-division staff which includes architects, graphic designers, directors, musicians, producers, AnRs, writers, publicists, social media experts, app guys, managers, car designers, clothing designers, DJs, video game designers, publishers, tech guys, lawyers, bankers, nutritionists, doctors, scientists and teachers.

The label is currently working on a 7-screen media experience called “2016 OLYMPICS” that is a semi=-scifi film as 2016 is only 4 years away.

Let the hating begin…


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