Janice Bailon tapped to be Executive Director


If you ask her what she does, she’ll say “Produce. And other things….”

In high school, she was the president of Teens for Humanity and founder of Ending Violence Everywhere. She was Miss Outstanding Teen of Ventura County and took the coveted Miss Congeniality state award in 2002. She joined the Young Americans Resident Cast in 2003 to bring music awareness to schools. She’s done PR for film festivals in New York, and guerilla marketing on the streets of Los Angeles. She briefly breezed through the model circuit as an agent, and through the wedding industry as a wedding planner. She played a key role in logistics behind the scenes of the Bay Area’s biggest fashion shows including Macy’s Fashion Night Out, 2010 Chic Fashion Week, Project Ethos: San Francisco, and the SFBA Fashion Network’s annual SNOW Event.

She also reportedly helped designers sew some of the looks featured in the shows…

She is Janice Bailon. Rockstar. And she’s finally laying down her roots in Helium Magazine as our new Executive Director.

Whether it’s mapping out the social scene, partnering with events and organizations, producing photo shoots or simply keeping her ear to the ground for what’s happening next in the city, Janice will be Helium’s go-to girl for everything that requires action, brain power, and networking.

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