Honeysuckle Pink: This Year's Hot Color


Honey, pink is in!

Spring is here and it’s time to think about adding color to your style, and the color of the moment is honeysuckle. With a name like that, you should expect a bright punch of color, and honeysuckle doesn’t disappoint. With its high velocity pinks and touch of gold, Pantone has pronounced honeysuckle the color of the year. Fashion’s color guru, Pantone, tracks everything color in the fashion industry and forecasts trends, in-colors, and provides designers with happening color palettes for a touch of inspiration. Aside from honeysuckle, peach has also made a name for itself this season, as it pairs well with pinks, whites, and the other colors of summer.

The honeysuckle trend

Honeysuckle is perfect on the cheeks, lips, as a blush, and as a highlight for your eyes. Honeysuckle also adds a classic romantic feel to the face, and can be played up when paired with dark, smoky shades accompanied with a little, black dress. It’s a great transitional color and it works well as a cheery day-look–perfect for school or work as well. MAC, O.P.I., and Dior have also pulled their pinks to the spotlight this season, and honeysuckle can be seen everywhere from makeup, nail polish, sunglasses, accessories, and also swimwear. Glossy-pink candy shades are also popping up in sandals, handbags, plastic bangles and cuffs.

Overwhelming punch of color

Pink hues and peachy tones are hot, but too much can certainly be overwhelming. For makeup, keep the hot pinks as a highlight. If you want to glam up your eyes, keep your lips neutral to draw the attention to your peepers. Do the same for your lips. For clothing, try paring honeysuckle with white for a classic summer look by pairing a pink camisole or bra under a crisp, white shirt. That little hint of color will add mystery and allure to your silhouette, and onlookers will be sure to notice. So go ahead and add some pink to your world. Spring is the perfect time to let your fashion imagination run free.

By Alicia Alvarez

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