Here Comes the Sun


Summer’s end may be just around the corner, but I’m in denial. And for this, I bring you the season’s hottest shades that I’ve observed these past golden months. Even though these are summer trends, they are useful year around!

Electric Feel

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton released a series of ad campaigns for stand-out sunglasses of neon colors. These 80’s inspired shades are the perfect accessory to any summer outfit!

Pattern Play

Ray-Ban $159

Best known for their signature wayfarer sunglasses, Ray-Ban put out a limited edition series called “Rare Prints” which include patterns and prints designed by artists on their signature shades.

Go Halfsies

TopShop $30

1/2 frame glasses are a new spin on vintage shades coming in several different colors. These are from but similar styles can be found at most retailers.

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