Haute Film and Cocktails at Santana Row: The September Issue


For its second day of the three-day fashion event, Santana Row, in partners with CineArts Theatre, offered a screening of “The September Issue,” a documentary about Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogues Magazine, her genius fashion editors, and the process of creating Vogue’s largest issue ever: weighing in at over 5 pounds and adding up to 840 pages! No wonder Vogue has been dubbed “The Fashion Bible” with Anna Wintour as the high priestess overlooking her church of fashion.

With each movie packet at $30.00 a pop, movie-goers received a ticket to the film screening, a voucher for popcorn, a valet ticket, a voucher for a special signature cocktail at one of the participating restaurants on the Row, and a $15.00 gift card to their restaurant of choice…on the Row, of course. Not too shabby for a chic night out on the Row–dinner, drinks and a film about fashion. How posh…if I do say so myself.

After the film, my guest and I strolled over to LB Steak, my restaurant of choice. There, we each enjoyed a white peach martini as we waited for our top-of-the line burgers. Other movie guests headed to their restaurant of choice, which included: The Counter: Sweet Heat, Amber India: Amber Cosmo, Blowfish Sushi: Peach Nympho sake cocktail, Roux Louisiana Kitchen: Metropolitan or a Rising Sun, Rosie McCann’s: Skinny Lass (Skinny girl margarita Rosie’s style), Village California Bistro: Haute Film featured cocktail menu, Yankee Pier: Raspberry Lemon Drop, Left Bank, Sino: Red Lantern, and Straits: Lychee Martini. Each bistro created a special signature cocktail for the event.

Upon completing our meal, my guest and I naturally strolled down the Row while window-shopping and enjoying the ambiance of the bustle-and-flow of Santana Row. Since it was Friday night, patrons of the Row were dressed in their best weekend-wear as they visited the shops, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Overall, the second fashion night out was quite a success. Now onto day three of Santana Row’s three days of fashion: Santana Row Fall Fashion Show 2011, here I come in my stiletto heels!

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Event Review By Sophia M. Papadopoulos

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