Get Ready To Sparkle


Spring is the new beginning – beginning of a fuchsia, rosy, and sparkling love affair with Tarina Tarantino. This brand new cosmetics line is shimmering from pink displays in beauty retailer Sephora. From a Pearl Glow Primer to a Gem Gloss, the makeup beams with luxurious thrill of Tarina’s style.

Tarina Tarantino has always had a dream of a sparkle factory of jewelry, cosmetics and the glamorous life of fashion. When she was 3 years old, Tarantino’s mother bought her Fimo clay, which she used to create her first pieces of jewelry. As time went on, Tarantino began working as a fashion model in Europe while still practicing her hobby of jewelry-making. Seeking a more creative challenge, Tarantino began working as a freelance makeup artist where she found true happiness. Still selling jewelry, she decided to launch her own brand with collections for everybody to buy, as opposed to the few lucky people who met her. And now, Tarantino has launched her greatest, and final collection- a buzz worthy cosmetics line.

I know everyone wants to check out what the worldwide “Queen of Irreverent Luxury” has to offer – Sephora in Valley Fair Mall is the place to do so!

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