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Fashion doesn’t stop at the clothes you decide to wear.  Cologne and perfume can add the final touches to your look and can offer refuge for your soul.  Finding your fragrance can be easy as identifying your personality.  Here are some ideas for the sporty, career-minded, and socialite personas.

Sporty for GUYS

Versace Pour Homme


←Versace Pour Homme

Versace gives the invigorating scent to the sporty guy who doesn’t want to sacrifice good taste when it comes to fragrance.  Musk undertones join forces with bergamot overtones and can revitalize the guy athlete after a workout or game.



Polo Sport Ralph Lauren

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren →

Don’t let the refreshing lavender scents and traces of amber turn you off on this one guys; the fresh aquatic notes have a way of bringing even the toughest guy down to his woodsy side.



Sporty for GALS

DKNY Be Delicious


This bottle be delicious and who can resist a blend of apples and exotic flowers to refresh you after a spinning class?  Personality will not be lost in sport, as this unique bottle will allure any sports gal.  Grapefruit and cucumber collaborate with magnolia and rose to offer a clean but not overdone aroma for the Lady on-the-go.


Bond No. 9 Little Italy

Bond No. 9 Little Italy →

The extra investment in this bottle will quickly pay off, as its zesty fragrance will be sure to turn up noses everywhere you go.  Grapefruit, clementine, and mandarin are only a few components that will make your fly your pheromone flag.



The Career-Minded GUY

Claiborne by Liz

←Claiborne by Liz Claiborne

Refreshing and fruity, Claiborne is the perfect match for day wear fashion, guys.  A blend of basil, coriander lemon, grapefruit, and pine needle will be refreshing to your co-workers and make you feel  refreshed all day.



Paul Smith Extreme

Paul Smith Extreme Cologne→

If you want an edgier scent for the office, Paul Smith offers an alternative to the ordinary.  Rosemary and hesperidia spices merge with nutmeg and cardamom to gain the attention you deserve.



The Career-Minded GAL

Flora by Gucci

←Flora by Gucci

Coco-Chanel once said, “ A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”    Flora by Gucci can lend a hand to your future by offering the perfect scent for the office.  You can’t go wrong with peony and citrus to give off the impression that you are cheerful and an uplifting go-getter.



Burberry The Beat

Burberry The Beat Eau de Parfum Spray →

A fun scent, Burberry offers fresh blossoms and the smell of bluebells to bring any career gal up to speed.  This scent is sure to“upbeat” any office or casual setting while maintaining a floral and feminine stance.



The Socialite GUY

Calvin Klein Euphoria

←Calvin Klein Men-Euphoria

The socialite guy needs a scent that will follow his lifestyle.  The transition from day to night has never been easier with Euphoria leading the way.  Backed by brazilian redwood, amber, and the secret ingredient, patchouli, the socialite will be never have to pass up an opportunity.



Hermes D'Orange

Hermes D’Orange Verte Cologne by Hermes→

A French classic that may be the only scent to outlast them all, Hermes D’Orange offers a perfect all-day alternative to your ordinary cologne.  Green and citrus blend are the key ingredients for the socialite who needs the extra coverage.  If you’re tired of the same-old modern colognes or if your day takes you from the casual to the formal in just a matter of hours, then D’Orange Verte is worth a try.



The Socialite GAL

Juicy Couture

←Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy

Sweet, fun, and pumped with floral annotations, this fragrance is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  The socialite gal can flirt, have fun, and remain sophisticated while doing it.  The adorable bottle also gives you one more reason to join Club Couture.



Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang Princess→

For the unpredictable socialite, Vera Wang Princess can offer a sound relationship.  Water lilies flirt with mandarin meringue and dance with floral and amber overtones to bring the independent gal the opportunity to transform into any situation.



Perspective by: Amanda Holst

Fashion 101

Photo of Coco Chanel No. 5 Courtesy of

Did you know? Chanel No. 5 is the “world’s most legendary fragrance.”  A bottle is sold every 30 seconds.

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