First Date Fashion Impressions


So you’ve finally hooked a date with that guy or girl you’ve been chasing for a while.  While it may seem like the hardest part is over, how you present yourself on the first date may make or break the advancement of your relationship.  Here are some telltale signs about what kind of date you will be by the first fashion impressions that you are planning to give.

The Blazer

A guy wearing a blazer means business.  Not only is he being considerate about your feelings by dressing up for you ladies, he is showing off the fact that he knows how to dress too.  This may only be the first date, but his blazer may be telling you that he is willing to bring you home to his parents one day.

The Well-Groomed Look

The first impression starts with the first few minutes of the date.  The well-groomed guy knows that if he smells good and looks put-together then he has a good chance of keeping his date’s attention.  Having a neat shave, a nice haircut, trimmed fingernails, and fresh breath are all signs that the well-groomed date has the ‘it’ factor.

The Tasteful Little Black Dress

The woman wearing the tasteful little black dress knows that simple is sexy and the classic look is what really makes her look pretty.  If she combines this look with confidence and a pair of heels then you know that she’s come equipped.  The details lie in the message of the accessories so if your date is wearing flirty earrings and a colorful purse then she’s telling you that not only is she approachable, but she is fun as well.

The Pointy-Pimp shoe

If a guy is wearing pointy pimp shoes, he has either just tried out for a part in Warlock or he is giving off the impression that he is a major player.  Don’t be surprised if the pointy pimp date is checking himself out in reflections of storefront windows or checking out other women for that matter.

Jeans and a T-shirt

Nothing says ‘I don’t care’ like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on a first date.  The gal that shows up in this fashion faux pas gives off the impression that little effort went into looking good for her date.  This take-me-like-I- am mentality may suffice after the fifth or sixth date but if this is what she chooses to wear on the first then she may not be thinking that you are worth the trouble.

Flaunt Everything You Got

The flaunt-everything-you-got date wants to put everything out on the table, literally.  Bad dating experiences may have left this gal feeling like promiscuity is what her date wants but beware: The flaunt-everything-date just might spill more than you want to know and leave nothing up to the imagination.

Disclaimer: Dressing appropriately depends on where your date is taking you; so for example, don’t wear your little black dress if you know you are going horseback riding, etc.

Ultimately it’s your personality that wins the relationship, but it all starts with first impressions!

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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