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All women want to feel sexy and great, but why do so many of us sacrifice comfort and fit for it? Hector Manuel knows everyday insecurities and concerns women have with their clothing. His latest line Acta Non Verba, meaning “actions not words” gives a woman everything she loves in clothing: versatility, class, and comfort. Sounds too good to be true? Hector Manuel uses his fashion garments to prove that it can be done!

Helium Magazine: What does fashion mean to you?

Hector Manuel: An unavoidable expression that does not limit itself to clothing. It’s a way to personalize art, and something that allows you to be yourself.

HM: How did Acta Non Verba get started? How long has Acta Non Verba been established?

I established it 6 months ago with the purpose of giving women clothes that they feel great in. I realized the struggle they have to reflect their appeal. You want to be comfortable but also sexy and wanted. So, I created this line so the clothing could speak for the woman’s individuality.

HM: Who do you imagine wearing Acta Non Verba?

A body-conscious woman who is trendy, and young at heart. Women want investment pieces that can be worn year-around.

HM: How does Acta Non Verba represent San Jose and the Bay Area?

I think it identifies the region because it is very unique in style. There’s a lot of contrast, art, freedom in what people wear here. A lot of people wear well-made garments. It’s fashion-forward. Even with the unique weather, we are not limited to certain items. It allows us to play with it more. I have utilized this idea to make sure my clothing can be worn in the summer as well as the winter. I also use unique fabrics unlike ones you may see on typical clothing. LA clothing can be more flashy and mainstream whereas this line, like the Bay Area, is a mixture of diversity and class.

HM: What was your inspiration for this line?

Growing up around women, I know a lot about security issues and clothes. I have seen that women are strong and classy, and I wanted to translate that into a wearable expression. I take an aggressive role of a man without taking away from the femininity. While creating this line, I had in mind the television show La femme Nikita. She is a strong woman who reminds me of James Bond meets Sophia Lauren. Instead of a James bond, I wanted a Jamie Bond who is sleek, fast-paced life of a classy and versatile woman. This really is a tribute to women. I wanted to create something that makes a woman feel so comfortable, that is makes her feel powerful.

HM: Where can people purchase your clothing?

Online at actanonverbaonline.com and boutiques to be determined later this year.

HM: What is your ultimate goal for Acta Non Verba?

To expand and evolve as a company. To become a household name as a respected clothing line who always keeps the woman in mind. I want it to embrace the idea of well-made quality items. It is more important for me to have a loyal-consumer base than having a million stores.

HM: What’s next for your clothing line?

t’s going to be at several events in San Jose for the next couple months. I hope to expose my line and reach women who are interested in my clothing.

Each woman is special in their own way and, according to Hector, so should their clothes. This humbled designer aims to give a woman the toughness she deserves while also keeping a feminine and plush comfort. With his quality production and couture elements, Hector produces investment pieces made-to-measure to give a woman her fitting needs. Now, women don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

You can see Acta Non Verba up close, at Helium’s Atomic Fashion Show September 30th!

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