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The delicates we wear under our clothes are just as important as our outerwear.  Fashion and comfort both play into the big picture here to bring a style all your own.

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The benefit of these types of panties is that they are form fitting, so you will look slimmer underneath your outfits.  Make sure to buy a seamless pair to disguise any bumps or lines.  Wear boyshorts under loose fitting pants or jeans or by themselves when you are lounging around the house.  These are great for full-rear coverage or a way to express yourself!


Elastic, Y shaped fly, and coverage in all the right places, briefs make a good choice for many guys.  Tightie-whities as they are usually called, come in cotton, silk, low-rise or mid-rise cuts.  Perfect for wearing under low-rise jeans, briefs provide the the confidence needed for all day support.



Victoria Secret Microfiber Thongs

When worn correctly, a thong can offer a no-panty line experience.  Finding the right fit and style is key to forego any unnecessary bunching and discomfort so start with a seamless cotton or microfiber thong and then work yourself up to the different styles.  Beware: Wearing a thong with low-rise jeans can give off a whale-tail affect, so consider this before leaving the house.


Guys, what better way to express yourself with the design and comfort of boxers?  Boxers allow the wearer the freedom to ‘roam’ and are ideal for air circulation.  Perfect under casual pants and jeans, boxers can be tailored for any occasion.  Just beware, boxers do not offer much in the way of cuppage.




With so many styles available it can be difficult in deciding when to wear each style.  Here’s the low-down:

A demi bra is designed to lift the breasts and mainly worn for sex appeal.  They work best with low cut tops or dresses.

Padded bras are good for volume, to give a good shape under hugging tops and to give the illusion that you have more than you really do.

Push-up bras have padding or gel that push up breasts to give you more cleavage.  The underwire adds support for lifting purposes.


The notoriety for this name came in 1947 when a man arrested for beating his wife was photographed wearing a stained tank top, creating this long-standing term.  (Source) Intended to wear under shirts, a wife beater is sometimes worn as outer apparel.  The fit and shape is more comfortable than a t-shirt and not as constraining so it’s easier to move in a wifebeater.  Wear underneath white button-up shirts or as a layer to a sweater.  Wear solo as sleepwear, going to the gym, or hanging out.  But please never on a date or underneath a white t-shirt.

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