Fashion Sacrifice


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It’s a sacrifice to make, really. Squeezing yourself into those impossible pair of jeans, or thinking that ‘this time will be different’ when you put on a pair of shoes that you know will slice into your toe or ankle-but you wear them any way.

Let’s face it: Fashion can be disobedient. And have you noticed, at the most inopportune times too?

Get your SHTF plan together and equip yourself for when disaster strikes.

Swarovski Bling Band Aids

Handy to have when you’re at the club: Use to cover the nick on your face given to you on the dance floor by your friend’s flailing diorette ring.

Great for no-injury second takes: Wear these adhesive strips on your back, shoulders or wherever you want to draw attention.

Ache or fashion your style in white, red, pink, or turquoise studded bandages. A small box can be yours for $12.


Meralgia paresthetica is no joke. Also known as “tingling thigh syndrome,” this condition is caused by wearing skinny jeans too often. If your MP has gotten you down but you are just not capable of ditching your skinny jeans, try a pair of jeggings.

Jeggings have the look of your favorite skinny jeans but fit much looser so you don’t have to suffer numbness or tingly sensations in your thighs.

Who says good fashion can’t be comfortable?

Other Fashion First Aids

Tide to go $3.99 @

Killer Kushionz insoles $12.95- $34.95 @

Double-Sided Tape strips 72 for $14.57 @

Gal Pal Deodorant Remover $9.29 for 2 @

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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