Fashion Misconceptions/Part 2: Women


Last week mens’ misconceptions took center stage;  this week it’s all about the ladies and the fallacies that keep them from their fullest fashion potential.   Afterall, the most important thing for a woman is to feel confident and breaking the rules might be just the thing she needs do the trick.  Defy the following misconceptions and make your own path to fashion.

Misconception: Never Mix Patterns & Prints

Dress by Erdem/ Jewelry by Justin Giunta

Seen as a never-do misconception, mixing patterns with prints only limit a woman’s closest.   Knock out this misconception by finding harmony with designs.

Here’s how:

If the colors are different, then the design should be the same.

If the designs are different, then the colors should be the same.

CHANGE IT UP: If one pattern has big shapes then the second pattern should have smaller ones.

Stay in the same family of color and go light on accessories to pull this challenge off.

Want to take a risk but don’t know where to start?  Try black and white patterns and then go from there.

Misconception: Don’t Wear White after Labor Day

Your mother drilled this misconception in your brain and every year this holiday dictates when exactly to put away the white. While summer clothes in general shouldn’t be worn in the fall as the temperature starts to cool, the color white doesn’t have to be constricted to the same ruling. Creamy white and white wool are perfectly acceptable; you can pair loose-fitting white denim jeans with a snug sweater and boots to make a stylish outfit.  If you are fixed on this misconception, you can slowly introduce white into your wardrobe.  For example, sneak in a white blouse under a cardigan.

Misconception: Ready-to-wear Fashion is Actually Ready-to-Wear

Fatima Lopes' Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

I have many friends who have an array of shapes and sizes and not one has ever raved at how perfect an outfit was off the rack.  One designer’s size 6 isn’t necessary going to be another’s size 6.  Manufacturers have to cater to the average size and what’s the average, really?

The clothes that models wear are tweaked in a way to fit perfectly in all the right spots, so cut yourselves some slack.  Don’t let this misconception discourage you from trying new fashions, just bear in mind that altering might be a possibility.  So either find a brand that fits consistently to your measurements or make best friends with the designer.

Photo source: China Daily/Agencies

Misconception: When in Doubt Bring Out the Girls

Yes, we get it you have a noticeable rack.  And while this misconception would dictate that drawing attention to your best attribute is the best fashion decision, in many cases it actually becomes a turnoff.

You can still enhance what you have without spoiling the illusion by flattering rather than exposing your bustline.

A V-line shirt heightens and proportions your girls in a manner that is tasteful.  Empire waisted shirts are great for the busty woman who wants to hide trouble spots and wearing designs can serve as the perfect detour.

Avoid spaghetti straps at all costs and make the word support your new mantra.

Misconception: “The _____________ is the New Black”

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying a million of times.  This is the phrase the sales clerk says tells you when trying to sell you a teal garment that is completely out of your comfort zone.  The idea that black clothing is versatile is no mystery but to advocate that a certain color or concept will replace this notion makes this misconception a fallacy.  Set your own rules be your own person.  Buy colors or fashions that you like because in fashion, one day its ‘in’ and the next its ‘out.’

It was Coco Chanel who said that black is the new black.

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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