In Downtown San Jose, 1st Fridays is always a big attraction to many different people. This usally will take place on South 1st Street between Reed and  San Carlos. The Art Walk is free and open to the public It’s the one evening where you can go out, enjoy good art and have an awesome time with friends. With a couple of friends I decided to partake in the art walk to not only to enjoy unique artwork but to see what San Jose is wearing. San Jose is a creative town so there wouldn’t be a problem finding creative beings out there.

I went to the Billards where Blank Manuscript performed and live painters created beautiful art work. I then went to MACLA where Turbo Mex performed which is never a let down. Mextape represented San Jose and celebrated the fact that the Sharks won!

After a few other art galleries where I decided to go to the Workout Party at Agenda Lounge. I had a fun time and enjoyed the styles of the patygoers. All were dressed beautifully but these stuck out the most:

(Lace is one of the simpliest yet sexiest things you could put on a girl. Top: Aritzia)

(There’s never too much room for a creative mind.

Accessories were self-made and outfit was from Savers.)

(It’s not just the outfit but the nails too, pronails. nails: self-made.)

(Simple, fresh and ready to dance. Outfit: Gap)

Of course, we cannot forget about the the guys. They dressed to impress as well.

Post & Photos:  Brittany Romby


Sounds like a night full of fun and unique fashion. It goes to show just how diverse San Jose really is.

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