Exciting Careers in Fashion


So you want to be in fashion but you don’t know how to sew?

No problem. Fashion isn’t about all the people who get the most obvious credit. There are many ways to express yourself in the industry. Don’t go in blind- here are some fashionable choices in some exciting careers in fashion.

Fashion Designer

Seems like anyone and everyone can be a fashion designer these days. If you are lucky to make it on a show that can bring light to your wonderful talent then I say, BRAVO (tu che).  Fashion designing doesn’t stop at drawing sketches though – it extends to picking your models, making plans for fashion shows, and being your own PR person, to name a few. A lot of work goes into being at the front lines!

Fashion Stylist

If you have an innate ability to know what works and a thick skin that can withstand the most razor-sharp of critiques, then you might be cut out to style for a living. As a stylist you are the image maker so every decision is an important one . If you can color style and can persuade fashion “nos” into fashion “maybes,” then styling may be the career for you.

Fashion Buyer

Being a fashion buyer is like the MBA of fashion. As a fashion buyer, you are the link between the manufactures and the customers. Buying is like your own business-negotiating, traveling to fashion trade shows and ensuring the proper balance between inventory and profits are only a few things of what you will be doing. If you like the idea of running your job like a business then being a fashion buyer may be the career of your choice.

Fashion Photographer

Fashion is just as much behind the scenes as it is front. A fashion photographer’s got it all- An eye for angles, a mastery for lighting and a debonair at getting just the right shot. There’s more to snapping shots- just ask Helium’s very own Jack Husting. Time is of the essence so micromanaging aspects of hair, makeup and overall vision is all part of what a fashion photographer gets to do.

Fashion Model Scout

There is more to modeling then a pretty face. Attitude, personality and yes, even bone structure can all be factors in whether a model will be successful. As a fashion model scout not only do you get the notoriety for getting a model discovered you also get experience with pitching to model agencies and building portfolios from the ground up. Be warned though, you only get paid when your model gets booked so being a hustler is a big part of this fashion career.

Perspective by Amanda Holst

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