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Helium Magazine Presents:

The Atomic Fashion Show was one of the largest displays of local fashion talent in Silicon Valley. Helium hand picked local up-and-coming designers based on talent and potential for success in the fashion industry. Showcased in Helium’s unique interpretation of what a “Fashion Show” should be, the designers were also featured in the He2 Zine (our first publication).

The Atomic Fashion Show isn’t just a fashion show: it’s the shake of anĀ epicenter.

When: Wednesday September 30th, 8 p.m.
Where: SJSU Student Union Ballroom
Who: Featuring Kent Denim, SuLo, Yanssan, Stuff by Kate, Breezy Excursion, SWATI Couture, ActaNonVerba, Never Gets Old and Barbarella Beauty Boutique
General Admission: 360 Seats, SOLD OUT
VIP Tickets: 40 seats, SOLD OUT

Post Show Coverage

The Atomic Fashion Show was a huge success. The show sold out all 400 seats and turned away 150 people at the door. Check out post show coverage by the Examiner, The Spartan Daily, The Silicon Valley Metro, FCubed Fashion Blog, The Ohlone Monitor, and Helium Magazine’s recap.

We are particularly proud of the conclusion to the story in the Examiner that solidifies Helium’s mission of lifting fashion from the shadows of Silicon Valley.

“The success of the Atomic Fashion Show not only proved that Silicon Valley is an up-and-coming hot spot for fashion, but also that New York and Beverly Hills are not the only cities that harbor extraordinarily talented independent designers. Silicon Valley’s design culture deserves recognition. Northern Californians combine sophisticated city style, urban glamour and beach casual in a way that is completely unique. And finally, people are starting to take notice.” -Chrissy Bryant, The Examiner

Thanks to everyone who came and all who made the show possible.


Behind The Scenes

SWATI Couture

Stuff By Kate


Breezy Excursion



Kent Denim



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