Essential Items Every Woman Should Have in her Closet


Building a functional wardrobe is key to maintaining fashion at all times.  Having a few essential items will save you from the same old purchases you relentlessly find yourself making and give your personality the jump start it needs to materialize into FABULOUS.


#1Day Dress

The right day dress can offer a duo approach to fashion and can give you the appropriate support and length to accompany those pointy black flats or Havaianas you already have in your closet.  Add a cardigan and tights and you will come out a star at your job interview.  Lose the sleeves and transform your look to ‘Sultry Night Vixen’ by a mere transformation to your accessories.

Miss Chic Jeans

#2- The Perfect Jean

Jeans are versatile and can up-do or down play a style depending on your mood or what the occasion is.  Find a pair that showcases your figure and you will never have to argue with your full-length mirror again.  These Miss Chic Jeans from LA are fashionably studded and won’t break your wallet, as they ring up at around $69 a pair.

#3- Camisoles

Camisoles, saving graces if you will, make great camouflage accompaniments for burn out shirts or abet tailored sheathing.

Go casual for the weekend by sporting a cami as a stand-alone in the company of your favorite pair of jeans and sandals, or dress-up your cami with a nice pair of slacks and a shawl.


#4- A Stylish Trench

Every closet needs to house a trench coat that is functional and stylish.  Even when it’s not raining, a stylish trench can make a fashion statement without taking away versatility.  Join your trench with a ruffled blouse, wide-leg pants, and peep-toe flats to get the perfect work attire or go dressy casual by combining a trench with a pair of shorts or with leggings and boots.  This knee-length XOXO double-breasted trench reiterates that a silhouette can be flattering to any pair of legs.

#5-The Universal White Blouse

Love Stitch

Like the Little Black Dress, a white blouse will never go out of style and is essential to tie any wardrobe together.  Jeans, skirts, shorts, jeans, and slacks all enjoy the camaraderie of a classic white blouse and it’s no mystery that this simple addition will save you time and energy getting ready in the morning.

All photos courtesy of That’s So Cute Affordable Boutique

210 N. Santa Cruz Ave. Los Gatos


Story by Amanda Holst

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