Dear Graduating Senior: Dress for Success


Dear Graduating Senior,

Congratulations on your big success!   All your hard work must be paying off and I bet you are ready to tackle some job interviews just as soon as you walk the graduation stage.  I must say, I envy your ability to make sound decisions when it comes to making first impressions count and I look forward to seeing you get the job you deserve.

I remember this time last year your brother was preparing for his job interview at that graphic design company.  Do you remember recommending that he bedazzle them with a suit?  Taking out his nose ring and having a clean shave was a good call and the best advice I remember you giving him was polishing his shoes; who would have known that the hiring manager was in the military and would take notice to such detail?  You always think of everything, Graduating Senior, and I’m sure it was your great advice that helped him get the job.

I heard through the grapevine that your sister landed the job at the law firm she was interested in.  Rumor has it she showed up to her interview in the single-button dress suit ensemble and the briefcase that you got her for her birthday.  What a great way to show her employer-to-be that she can pull off a professional look without sacrificing style.  I saw her downtown a couple of months ago wearing a blue silk blouse with the skirt from her dress suit. A strand of pearls added just the right amount of pizzazz to her mix-and-match masterpiece.

Did you hear about our classmate who didn’t get chosen for that advertising position?  I heard she arrived to her interview in a skirt that was more than three inches above the knee and distractingly tight.  Her navel was showing when she lifted her arms and she wore open-toed pumps-what was she thinking?  Even her excess makeup and armored jewelry must have given off the wrong impression because I heard she didn’t even receive a call back.  If she had only taken your advice about looking appropriate for a business atmosphere she might be working there today.

As you embark on the opportunities that lie before you I have full confidence that you will take everything that you know and do well for your upcoming interviewing endeavors.  Your incredible initiative and strong dedication will be an asset to any company.  Best of luck in your job search!

Your Fashion Buddy,


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